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Why Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Why Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Car maintenance can be complicated, but it shouldn’t have to be. My Road Armor believes that the only thing a driver should be focused on is the road in front of them. Through our custom extended warranty program, we provide coverage that caters to your specific needs. You no longer have to worry about paying for extraneous maintenance; instead, you can relax knowing that everything your vehicle needs is covered through your own specialized plan.

If you’re curious to know the intricacies behind extended warranties, we have the information you’re looking for.

Table of Contents

What Is an Extended Warranty?.

Extended warranties go by several names: extended service contracts, service agreements, vehicle protection plans and mechanical breakdown insurance. Extended warranties are essentially agreements to cover vehicle repairs after factory warranties have expired. The items covered by extended warranties may vary from plan to plan and from company to company; they usually don’t cover routine maintenance like changing brake pads or performing oil changes.

Some extended warranties include add-ons like towing, roadside assistance or trip interruption protection. Some plans require you to pay a deductible before the plan is activated, while others pay every cent of repair costs. Typically, these warranties will cover your vehicle for either a set number of years or miles. Sometimes they factor in both.

Some see purchasing an extended warranty as a gamble. They fear that they may pay a couple thousand dollars for a plan that is never used. My Road Armor errs on the side of caution; can you imagine a major component suddenly failing in your car and being without an extended warranty? Extended warranties provide solace; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Are you the type of person who tosses and turns at night, dreading the thought of what might happen the day after your car’s warranty expires? Do those potential expenses haunt your dreams? If your answer is yes, you should absolutely consider purchasing an extended warranty.

Are you the type of person who drives your car so much that you know you’ll eventually blow through your manufacturer’s warranty?

If so, you should buy an extended warranty.

Will the cost of an unforeseen expensive repair blow a hole in your monthly budget, making it hard to pay for life’s basic necessities? If your answer is yes, then you’re the perfect customer for an extended warranty.

How Do Extended Warranties Work With New and Used Cars?

If you’re considering an extended warranty for a new car, you should start by asking yourself how long you plan to keep it and how many miles you’re planning on driving it per year. You’ll also want to search online for your car’s reliability ratings. If your car receives low marks, an extended warranty would be a great idea.

If you’re considering an extended warranty for a used car, you can use similar reliability rating methods to predict how likely it is for your car to experience mechanical trouble. In addition, you also have the option of doing a pre-purchase inspection with an independent mechanic. They will be able to note problems that your vehicle currently has, and which ones it might have later.

Which Extended Warranty Should I Choose?

Selecting which extended warranty works best for you is complicated. Every plan varies in terms of price and items covered. Some are backed by the car’s manufacturer, while others come from a dealer. At My Road Armor, we take the unnecessary confusion away by working with you to find the coverage you need. We don’t make you jump to a quick decision; we diligently work with you until we find a plan that makes you comfortable.

Where Can I Get My Car Serviced?

This is one of the most important aspects of extended warranties since there isn’t one answer! Some warranties limit you to one specific repair establishment or dealership. Other warranties let you service your car at a place of your choosing. It’s essential that you get a definitive answer for this question when you’re searching for a warranty.

Where Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

You should look for a specialized plan utilizing My Road Armor’s custom program, of course! For the sake of general knowledge, however, extended warranties can be purchased at several places.

If you’re buying a vehicle at a dealership, you will absolutely be offered an extended warranty while you are signing paperwork. These warranties are usually manufacturer-backed and may include limits on where you can get your car repaired.

You can also buy an extended warranty from many lenders and insurance companies. Even credit unions and banks offer forms of service contracts.

Before buying an extended warranty, you should carefully parse between prices and included add-ons before you make any final decisions. You don’t want to be stuck with a warranty that doesn’t suit your needs or your budget. Remember that coverage plans with low deductibles generally cost more than plans with higher deductibles.

Things To Avoid

Many inexperienced buyers may be tempted to buy an extended warranty at the same time that they purchase their vehicle so that the cost of the warranty is included in their financing. This is a bad idea. It’s a tricky way for the seller of the vehicle to hide the actual cost of the service contract. For example, a dealership may try to sell you a plan that will add $30 to your monthly payment, but when you do the math when applied to a six-year car loan, you come to find that the warranty will cost you more than you bargained for.

This is also a bad idea because you don’t want to pay interest on the cost of the warranty. Although some companies will offer zero percent financing on the contract, most will make you pay the same rate as you’re paying on the rest of your auto loan.

When Can I Buy an Extended Warranty

Oftentimes, a dealership will pressure you to sign onto an extended warranty as you’re buying a car under the guise of “getting a deal”. The truth is that this pressure is simply a money-making tactic. You can generally buy an extended warranty at any time during a vehicle’s life, assuming that the mileage isn’t astronomically high. Never feel pressured into buying a warranty that you don’t want. ALWAYS explore your alternatives. Have any comments or concerns? Feel free to post in the comments below!

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