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Call and ask how to get this handy Key Tracker or Car Vacuum! FREE

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Is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance a Good Investment?

A standard auto insurance policy rarely covers breakdowns that did not result from a car accident. So what happens if you run into a problem that a basic insurance policy can’t rectify? Do you decide to pay a large sum of money for a one time fix? Do you throw yourself into financial ruin over […]

Why Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

Car maintenance can be complicated, but it shouldn’t have to be. My Road Armor believes that the only thing a driver should be focused on is the road in front of them. Through our custom extended warranty program, we provide coverage that caters to your specific needs. You no longer have to worry about paying […]

How To Properly Change A Tire

It is essential for drivers to know how to change a tire on their vehicle. Almost every driver will experience a flat tire at least once and this skill can make the experience a little less of a hassle. Before you begin the process of exchanging a flat tire for the spare tire, there are […]

2021 Car of the Year

2021 Toyota Yaris  01/03/2021 – Car of The yearToyota Yaris, as Car of the Year 2021, comes to join double CotY winners Renault Clio and Volkswagen Golf. For, in 2000, the small car conceived in Japan and made in France won the title for its compactness, bold style and lively 1-litre engine.Toyota Yaris, Car of […]

The New 2021 Ford F150

Overview  Ford offers the 2021 F-150 with no fewer than six powertrains—including a hybrid for the first time—plus three cab configurations and both long and short bed lengths. Need something to impress the in-laws? Upscale models offer more than just a touch of luxury. Towing something heavy? We expect some of these half-ton trucks will boast a maximum […]